Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Festivals and Fun

If you are planning a trip to visit your roots, it's a good idea to check out whether there are any local festivals you might be able to plan your trip around. Local festivals can give you a flavor of the area that you won't necessarily find in the cemetery or the local church.

An example of such a festival is the National Eisteddfod held every August in Wales. This festival celebrating Welsh heritage and culture travels to a different town every year but consistently showcases Welsh culture, music and visual arts. Not only that, but the entire festival is held in Welsh. But I don't understand Welsh, you might say. That is part of the point. You want to experience everything the destination has to offer, whether in English or not.

You can usually find out about a festival by googling the place you are going or by contacting the local tourist bureau. The tourist bureaus always have a wealth of information and you should be contacting them anyway before your trip.

So make your roots travel something to celebrate, by celebrating your heritage at a local festival.

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