Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Is Roots Travel?

Before devoting an entire blog to roots travel, let's discuss exactly what I mean when I talk about roots travel.

Roots travel is--simply put--traveling to a location where your ancestors or relatives lived, worked, or died. You might visit a church in which they got married or were christened. You might hunt down their gravestone. You might visit the street they lived on, the house they lived in, or the places they frequented. Maybe you just want to visit the region to get a feel for the area. It's all roots travel.

The roots you travel to see can be as close to the ground or as deep as you want. You might have an ancestor from the 1700's and you would like to see locations connected to them. Or maybe you just want to visit the town your mother or father grew up in. Your roots might grow in Ireland, Virginia, Australia, or the town next to the one where you live. It's all roots travel.

Roots travel can be for research or it can be to learn more about your heritage. It might be the sole purpose of your trip or it might be a small side trip. Maybe you'll go the Family History Library in Salt Lake City or maybe you'll go right to the source. It's all roots travel.

Roots travel might be the beginning of your genealogy research or the end. You might do a lot of planning or you might just be in the area and figure you'll take a quick look. It's all roots travel.That's the beauty of roots travel - it is what you make it.

In later posts, I'll be talking about why do roots travel and how to do roots travel. There are so many reasons and so many things to think about and do, it's going to take a lot of blog posts. After all, what is this blog? It's all about roots travel.


  1. Great new blog. It has two of my favorite things! Looking forward to more posts about genealogy & travel.

  2. As I'm sure you know the best device for this is a time machine. I'd check ebay or craigslist. There's got to be one out there.