Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Welcome to Roots Traveler

Welcome to Roots Traveler, the blog for anyone interested in traveling for genealogy research or traveling to see their heritage or their roots.

If you are do genealogy, whether professionally or as a hobby, chances are you see records from places all over the world. After all, most people can trace their roots to all sorts of places.

Maybe you have dreamed of taking a research trip somewhere. Let's say your ancestors are from Ireland.  Have you ever dreamed of traveling to Ireland to do some research, even though you know you can easily get the info on the internet? Or maybe you've dreamed about seeing the house your great-grandfather left in Ireland before coming to America. Maybe your dreams are closer, and you'd like to see the battlefield where your ancestor fought in the Civil War.

This blog is about those experiences. How to have them, how to set up your own trips, things to see, travel news that might impact your travels, and resources that will help you realize your dream.

Roots Traveler is a blog by Adam Glenn, former owner of Family Roots Travel. Though I don't do Roots Travel as a business anymore, it's something I am passionate about it, so I hope you enjoy this blog and become a roots traveler yourself.

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