Monday, April 11, 2011

Making the Most of Your Family Reunion

So you have a family reunion coming up? Have you thought about how you are going to make the most of it?

Family reunions are a great way to do roots travel, as I wrote in an earlier post. Whether the family reunion takes place somewhere exotic or at the park just down the road, you should be prepared to make the most of the reunion.

Here are a few things you can do:
  • Take a tape recorder or a camcorder to interview an older relative. You never know when your next chance to interview them might be. Make sure you are ready with lots of great questions that will elicit interesting conversation.

  • Have everyone write a one page history of themselves. You provide the paper and pens and let them do the rest. Then, put everyone's responses together in a binder or create a book.

  • Prepare a list of research needs for your genealogy and distribute it to everyone. Ask if anyone is interested in helping you out in your research. You might be surprised who volunteers or who has more information that you need.

  • Make the reunion fun with games and activities that will have people coming back to future reunions. For example, have a talent show, tape it, then distribute DVDs after the reunion.

  • Make t-shirts for everyone. This is pretty common for family reunions. And did you know that Family Roots Travel does designs and t-shirts for family reunions? Contact Family Roots Travel for more information.
These are only a few tips. There are hundreds of things you can do to make your family reunion great. But with these tips and the proper planning, you can make a family reunion a source of great information, family togetherness, and most of all fun. Whether the reunion is on a cruise or at a park, you will learn more about your family, and that is what roots travel is all about.


  1. Do not forget to have your family portrait taken so that you have a piece of remembrance. Family reunions do not happen every week so you have to capture each moment you have with your family while you are together.